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Learn the framework and systems to help you achieve outstanding results with your clients in a busy gym.

13 Dec 2020, 09:00
The Studio, White City Place

If you’ve arrived at this page, there’s a very strong chance that you work in a busy commercial gym and you want to achieve better quality results with your clients.  

I know how frustrating it can be when you feel held back by the environment you work in and feel limited in what you can achieve with your clients.

I work out of a busy commercial gym in the heart of the city of London. When I first started, I really questioned if I was ever going to able to build a successful business transforming clients after moving from a private facility to a gym full of members.

I know exactly how you feel when you have your programme all written out and you walk out to a jam-packed gym floor. Everything you have written down is being used. When you finally find a machine, everyone in the gym wants to jump in with you and you the session can lose it’s intensity and cadence.

You have a perfect framework in your head for the next few months, and you really question how you’re going to pull it off. 


Instead of being frustrated I knew I had to do something about it. So, month by month I pieced together a system that was going to allow me to achieve high quality results with any client that started working with me. 


It took a while to bring it all together, but I finally cracked it. I knew it was possible, I just had to adapt what I had been doing previously in private facilities to a bigger, busier gym and find a way to navigate the obstacles that 6000+ gym members bring.


These are the type of results that I’m helping my clients to achieve month after month. 

I’ve been asked many times by coaches to share my formula, and until now I’ve decided to keep it for my clients eyes only. 


But I know how many coaches struggle to navigate their way around a busy gym and achieve results, so I’ve decided it’s finally time to share exactly what I do. 


I have broken down exactly how I work and put together a seminar that I’m extremely excited to share with you. A day that I know will make a huge impact on your business and in-turn improve the standards of the personal training industry.

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