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Personal training isn't about one to one exercising, it’s about customising every aspect of the plan according to the client and their goals.
My pride and joy is my one to one training. 
It's where I really get to shock clients by having their body achieve things they never thought possible. It's what I've built my business and reputation on and something that I will never give up trying to perfect.

At heart I’m a transformation specialist. What this means is I create and execute highly technical protocols for rapid and substantial body compositional results. ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos are my game. I get people what they deserve for their money. The typical layout of a transformation would look like this:


  • Day 1 we do body fat measurements using skin fold callipers, we take ‘before’ pictures, we go through a physical health assessment and we design a diet to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


  • I go away to devise a purpose built plan for your training programme and diet to achieve your goals.


  • We talk through any supplementation recommendations.


  • We train multiple times a week together, hard.


  • We track progress daily with food diaries, weekly with body fat measurements and monthly with photographs. No stone is left unturned and nothing is left to chance.


  • You look and feel the best you ever have, everyone goes home happy. Typically some of my best results have been after 36 sessions (12 weeks). But everything is customisable.

I run an intense and comprehensive schedule for your results. Every aspect of training is measured, planned and logged. I do not believe in just ‘doing exercise’ I believe in focusing on the difference that makes the difference. What is it underneath this ‘exercise’ banner that actually makes the difference to your body and your health. Let’s find it and focus on that.


When it comes to training we aim to make you bullet proof. We want to make every structure in your body as strong as possible and to function optimally. It’s in the weight room where we really get to sculpt the body you want. Every exercise, rep and set has purpose. It has a ‘why’. You will see yourself getting stronger week on week and watch your body transform. I believe in real training, not this fluffy gym bunny circus act stuff that you might see on Instagram


If you think personal training is just about exercise then think again. We give your entire health and fitness an overhaul and your diet plays the biggest role in that.


Invariably my clients experience better quality sleep, better moods, better energy levels, more confidence, a better relationship with food, an understanding of how their body responds to different foods and gain control of their body for the rest of their lives.


Your nutrition is key. We develop systems to implement nutritional strategies to first get you into the best shape of your life, but more importantly develop strategies for you to keep your results without missing out on the fun that life has to offer.


There is no set script before you start. We build each plan around your starting point. We figure out what it is you want, then I will map out how we will get there.


I truly believe that people underestimate how different they could look, and how quickly they could get it. Once someone realises their true potential there is no stopping them.


I’ve trained cat walk models, celebrities, some of the richest families in the world, new mums, old people, young people, whatever you like. Take all the exterior fluff away and underneath it all, the real truth is I just train the human body in front of me.


Training with me is for anybody that wants to find out the real answers to getting the body they want. no fads, no fluff, just hard work and the truth. People that want to cut straight to the core of what really works, and they want it now.

My online coaching is a fantastic opportunity for those that want the results of my face to face client base but are unfortunately unable to get to me week in week out.

Online training consists of communicating over email to deliver programs and diets to help you achieve results with your body composition.


I have had some outstanding results with my online clients and have developed a slick system to best help clients get what they deserve for their efforts in the gym.


As ever we start with a consultation where I gather all the necessary information to better understand where you are right now, and what you want to get to. I then electronically send workouts programs and diet plans for you to hit. We speak on a weekly basis where you check in with me and we monitor progress closely, adjusting things along the way.


You get a fully personalised training plan. A diet plan based on your current body composition and geared towards getting you the body you want. I have a minimum sign up of 3 months and then a rolling monthly basis thereafter.


Online training isn't for everybody, you have to be self motivated, organised and disciplined. You do however get all the unlimited support and guidance you need throughout. You’ll find that we manage what we measure and once you get in the swing of reporting back to me with your progress your results will snowball as far as you wish to take them.


So if you have the drive to get the results you deserve, embark on online training with me to discover the secrets to success of my one to one clients.

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