The Diet Clique

The Diet Clique is my online group personal training programme that brings a community of people together that are looking for that extra support they need when it comes to diet and exercise


I created the Diet Clique because we want to provide people with a flexible and affordable way of working with me from anywhere in the world. I have designed the format so I am able to transform a whole group of participants simultaneously

Transforming your body isn't easy

Trust me, it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. You’ll have ups and downs. Some days will seem easy, and others will feel very tough.


If there's one solid bit of advice I can give anyone wanting to change their body shape, it's to know that the people around you can either help or hinder your results. You're a product of your environment and success comes from putting yourself in the right one to grow and get what you want.


The Diet Clique will give you access to my expert coaching and put you in a support community filled with people on the same path. A place you can share, question, get guidance and support not only from myself but also the rest of the group.


Behind every great transformation is a supportive family and friends that have got your back.


Our family is called the Diet Clique.

How it works

  • The next Diet Clique intake is due to start on Monday 18th April 2022

  • The diet phase will last 12-Weeks from that date

  • Registration will close on either Monday 11th April OR when we are full. Whichever comes first.



Once you’ve signed up, i’ll ask you to complete an online survey, which gives me all the information I need to create your tailored training and nutritional targets plan.

Yes, we'll be doing this as a group, but one-size-fits-all programmes don't work! As we've experienced this year, open gyms are no certainty and we will adapt to what we have available to us as we go through the 12 weeks.




I'll then add everybody to a private online group, which will be our home base for the duration of the diet.

This is where we'll be hosting Q & A sessions and sharing other helpful content.

It’s also where you can go to engage with and support each other.




I’ll give you tools to track your progress, and at the end of each week, you’ll send me a check-in message.

I’ll then review your progress and get back to you with feedback and any changes you need to make for the following week.

What you get
  • 12-weeks of online coaching to get you the fat loss results you want

  • 12-weeks of training programmes designed to work with whatever equipment you have access to.

  • Step-by-step guides on how to follow the workouts

  • Exercise demonstration videos so you know how to perform every exercise with perfect technique

  • Tailored nutrition programme based on the results of a comprehensive health and lifestyle audit with calorie and macronutrient targets

  • Progress tracking tools and a private weekly check-in

  • Membership to a private online community

  • Virtual and face to face PT sessions also available add ons

How to join
  • The next Diet Clique intake is due to start on 18th April 2022

  • The 12-weeks costs £630

  • To secure your place hit the 'Register Now' button below. spaces are extremely limited!

  • For more information please feel free to contact me via the form below

  • Please see Terms and conditions here