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The Diet Clique X Strong Vibes

Strong Vibes is teaming up with the Diet Clique for an 8 week fat loss transformation program. 


The Diet Clique is the worlds leading group transformation program and for the first time ever, Strong Vibes and the Diet Clique are teaming up to bring 8 week fat loss transformations to Strong Vibes


Spaces are extremely limited and we have an exciting introductory offer for you.


During the 60 days our members lose an average of 1 stone in body fat!

Transforming your body isn't easy

Trust me, it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. You’ll have ups and downs. Some days will seem easy, and others will feel very tough.


If there's one solid bit of advice I can give anyone wanting to change their body shape, it's to know that the people around you can either help or hinder your results. You're a product of your environment and success comes from putting yourself in the right one to grow and get what you want.


The Diet Clique will give you access to my expert coaching and put you in a support community filled with people on the same path. A place you can share, question, get guidance and support not only from myself but also the rest of the group.


Behind every great transformation is a supportive family and friends that have got your back.


Our family is called the Diet Clique.

What you get
  • 8 weeks of one to one online nutrition coaching to get you the fat loss results you want

  • An exclusive weekly class put on for SVDC Members

  • Tailored calorie and protein nutrition targets based on the results of a comprehensive health and lifestyle audit

  • Progress tracking tools

  • A private weekly check-in

  • Membership to a private online community

  • All the literature you could ever want to support your understanding of the process and to help educate you on food, calories and life after the 8 weeks

How to join
  • The next Diet Clique intake is due to start on 10th April 2023

  • To secure your place hit the 'Register Now' button below. spaces are extremely limited!

  • For more information please feel free to contact me via the form below OR speak to Abi

  • Please see Terms and conditions here

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